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Create automated customer communication with our easy to use workflows

engage with your customers on autopilot

Build relationships with your customers to encourage repeat business, reviews, upsells, and more without lifting a finger. Once built, the campaigns will run automatically so you have more time to get more done.

Automatically Send Messages at predetermined times

Our visual workflow builder allows you to build automated texts, emails, calls and more with ease.

Customize Workflows to your specific needs

Every business is unique and every brand has its own voice. Fully customize your workflow to match your business’ personality and not sound robotic.

Achieve Consistent Results Without Lifting A Finger

With DK Marketing Campaign Workflows you will consistently see massive results without having to manage anything. It’s like having a full-time employee working for you!

Develop customer Relationships

Design your workflows in a way that sounds like a human and opens the conversation rather than sending out robotic marketing material. Our workflows are designed to build and nurture customer relationships.

Simply Click, Drag, and Drop

Our workflows are highly complex, but building them is as simple as selecting your objective, dragging and dropping it where you’d like it. Select your sending times, create targeted paths depending on customer needs, and more with ease.

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