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No. While we offer an industry-leading desktop and mobile software, and even self service options for our software, DK Marketing is a 360 degree full service digital marketing agency. We have a team of highly qualified marketing professionals to help build out customized digital marketing solutions for your business, and an account manager is assigned specifically to your business upon signing up with DK Marketing.

At DK Marketing we pride ourselves on offering the best value in marketing tools and expertise that actually work for your business. You’re not just a number to us. We treat your business as if it is our own and for this reason we demand excellence in our services. We work with 0 clients who we aren’t making a substantial return. We’re not going to let you be the first. Furthermore, our pricing cannot be beat for what we offer. We decided in 2013 that we’d make the best in digital marketing available to all sized businesses so it is no longer only reserved for large companies with large budgets.

We don’t have contracts. We believe if you’re unhappy with our services, you should be free to cancel at any time. You’re not locked into anything.

We provide detailed analytics on our services and your online presence. We track everything! Web traffic, audience, reviews, ad spend, customer count, etc. We update your detailed ROI analytics in real time so you can check at anytime and we also send you a weekly report via email with your most important metrics to see how things are going. Along with this, we take the time to send monthly video reviews of your analytics with recommendations based on what’s going well and what could be improved. We’re a data driven company and provide a fully transparent look into your key metrics and break them down for you so we can create actionable plans based on this information.
Along with our robust desktop app, we do have a mobile app as well. You’ll be granted full access to all of the online and mobile app tools we offer upon signing up with DK Marketing.

While result timelines will vary depending on your individual business, goals, and needs, we’re usually able to build a foundation and begin getting results in the very first month.


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