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close more sales by adding our chat widget to your website

Get more sales

Close more sales by giving customers the opportunity to directly contact you from your website

stop losing customers

People buy from people. By engaging with your customers and opening up conversations on your website, it keeps potential customers from leaving and going elsewhere

collect customer information

Easily follow-up with customers who have expressed interest in your products/ services by collecting their contact information using the DK Marketing chat widget

customized greetings

Customize the picture, colors, greeting, and more to represent your brand’s voice in just seconds from your DK Marketing app

fast & easy installation

We offer free installation onto your website or you can install the widget yourself in just a few easy steps

make the conversation personal

Using the DK Marketing chat widget to capture your customer’s information, you can move the conversation from your website to text messaging so the relationship is made more personal and you know your messages are actually seen

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